Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bird Ornament

On Mixed Media Misfits I am participating in a swap where we create a bird ornament using a free template from a blog that one of the participant's discovered.

I downloaded the template, traced them on some cardboard and cut them out. I took a worksheet wonder (a piece of computer paper that I place on my desk and stamp on) which had some nice images and colours on it. I covered one side of the birds body with this Added a stamped swirl on the tail and punched a black circle for the eye.

I covered the wings with some homemade tissue paper that I had coloured with various inks and sprays. I stamped the swirl on both wings, and added the gem swirl to the front one.

On the back I covered the body with some scrapbook paper that I had stamped and embossed in gold using a large alphabet stamp. Took another piece of the worksheet paper and stamped a Magenta stamp in coal Ancient Page, and added a gem to one area.

For the crown, I glued two different words from a freebie collage sheet  on cardboard and cut out the shape, adhered to the birds head.

I took and old key and covered each side with the two different papers and cut it out, then went around the edges with a marker and Krylon pen. Punched a small hole in a piece of gold metallic cardstock then a larger circle and placed these on the hole in the key and added two more words from the collage sheet.

I decided that instead of gluing the wings in place I would make them movable. The only problem was to figure out an attachment that would make it look good on both sides. I decided on some Tim Holtz embellishments and attached them with a brad, and to disguise the posts on the other side I cut them down pushed them down well so you don't really notice them.

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Carol said...

Love your bird ornament! Love that the front and back sides are so different.