Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A to Z Techniques- X for X-Acto Cutwork

The latest letter for the A-Z techniques is X. I thought of doing something like an X-Ray type background, but two other people are going in that direction. I even spent  time looking at websites and books, but there are very few techniques that start with the letter X, so I wracked my brain to come up with something else.

First I stamped a stained glass stamp on white card stock cut to size. I took a sharp X-Acto knife and started cutting out areas on the stamped image, being careful that they did not join, as the piece would come apart. After I was satisfied with the "cut-work" I cut some sheets of Sookwang tape to size and attached it to the ATC base. I removed the tape cover sheet from the ATC base and very carefully attached the cut-work image to it. This was definitely the hardest part, as the tape grabs fast and I ended up having to redo a couple as I got them on the base a bit "wonky".

I then used different colours of Stampa Rosa Ultra Glitter on the pieces. I covered the centre area with the tape backing and covered the cutouts with one colour, rubbing it in, then brushed it off to remove the excess, then added the second colour. The reason I chose to use this particular glitter is because the colour palette is so vibrant.

The last addition was to stamp a tiny X and attach it in the corner.

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Carol Sweeney said...

Very clever! So glad I'm receiving one. they're gorgeous!