Friday, 23 March 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 1

I signed up for Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 and am really enjoying the journey. The class is packed with information and techniques. Although I have been stamping for about 17 years I have learned so much from this class. Whether you are "newbie" or a "seasoned" stamper I highly recommend Tim's class. The cost is certainly reasonable and you can access the videos and PDF's for a lifetime. Tim explains the difference in all the mediums and the vehicles used for the techniques and makes it all so easy to understand.

Day 1 was all about understanding the characteristics and properties of inks and paints, how to use them, the different effects and applications. He also stressed the importance of reading the labels on the products to determine that you are using the right  type of medium for the application or to go to the company website to obtain the information.

Tim provided a chart for all the different mediums as a reference as well as a blank form for the participants to enter information on mediums from other manufacturers.

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