Thursday, 29 March 2012

Creative Chemistry Day 8

Wow, the time has flown by for this class! Day 8 and learning some great techniques again. This day it was about Paint Primers. Tim discussed various types of paints and their effects then into techniques using Distress Crackle paint.

We used Sticky Back Canvas, tags and chipboard (or grungeboard) pieces for the three different techniques.

I used stamps form Comotion, Lost and Found and PSX; the chipboard piece is by a company in my area -Ezee Pzee.
I must admit that the tag I am most pleased with is the first one with the feather on it. The middle one, I think I should have chosen different stamps and on the chipboard, perhaps should have used more of the medium.  However, as these will be in my binder  for the class they will be references for the techniques which I can play with more and improve upon. Practice makes perfect!

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