Monday, 9 February 2009

Another online class

I also took the Building a Mystery class online at Altered Diva, which is a collage building on each piece.

I chose to follow along with the one Karen was doing, but will be trying some different pictures in the future when doing a collage canvas. The background was supposed to be done by spraying watercolours, but I did not have any so used some watered down dye inks in a spray bottle. For the middle one, I wanted more vibrant colours so I added some pigment ink directly to the canvas after it dried.

These are some of the ones I did for this class. The second one went to my friend Pea for the monthly "It-Girl" Swap and the last one is on the way to the UK to another friend as a surprise for her.

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Lyn Stonehewer said...

Hi Rena,

Love all three of these canvases but of course, my favourite is the one you sent to me. Its much better in real life because you can touch it. Beautiful work.