Friday, 27 February 2009

Irregular Folds

One of the swaps I am participating at CC Swaps is Irregular folds. I have a book that has different folds tutorials, but nothing appealed to me. I searched the net for something different but was only able to find one that was the same type as Carol's

I did not want to use the same one that Carol had done, then I remembered that I had done a folded diorama card a few years ago in a rubber stamping class, so decided to make that one.

I just realized that the last few swaps I have done, I have fell back to my favourite colours of green and blue, and this one was also green!!
The pictures are the card closed completely and the various folded stages.

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Cathee said...

This is very unique! good work..i did not sign up for this one ..hmmm wish i had! Cathee