Friday, 27 February 2009

April It-Girl

The it girl for April is Debbie and her theme is botanicals. I know, it's still February, but I just wanted to do something other than cards and ATC's, so thought I would get a head start on this while I was in the mood.
I had done the background of this for another theme, but was not happy with the end results, so had put it aside. I decided to revamp it and use it for Debbies. I removed some of the previous images I had added and in the process revealed some of the layers underneath, and quite liked the look. I had some floral napkins that I received from friends who used them to wrap other swap items, so I decided to use them for this project. The one I settled on was flowers and vases.

I took the napkin apart and glued the top layer down with gel medium, and in the process of placing the gel over the top the napkin started to fray and fall apart. Rather than panicking or cussing at myself (as I normally would) I decided to just "go with the flow". The end result to me has the look of an old picture that has been left somewhere, and I am quite pleased with it.


Cathee said...

Rena,love this! it is very pretty!Thanks for popping in on my blog this weekend...Cathee

margil said...

What a beautiful, soft effect you have achieved! I love it. Check out my blog:
I have awarded you a Kreativ Blogger Award!

Aileen said...

Beautiful piece Rena!
Thanks so much for particpating!
Happy Creating!

Lyn Stonehewer said...

his has got to be my favourite Rena (except for my canvas of course) The effect is so understated and muted, just beautiful.