Sunday, 4 January 2009

Online class

I decided to take another couple of classes with Karyn Gartel at the Altered Diva online site. One of them was "Heart and Soul", which entails learning how to draw and paint faces. I made a couple of attempts which I was NOT happy with and was almost ready to give up. However, that is not in my nature and I persevered.

I decided to add some stamping "words" to the background, and also used stamps on her dress and hair.

I am still not entirely happy with the piece, but since it is my first attempt, it is not bad. I really need to work on the eyes and nose, but I am sure that will improve with more practice. So feel free to leave a comment.. good or bad!!


Carol said...

I think she is fabulous. I'm impressed with what you've accomplished in this online class.

Linda said...

I think its a great painting Rena; you should be really proud - I know I would be if it was mine! The composition and colours are fantastic and I love her curls...and her sweet chin!
Linda x

NIfty said...

I came across your blog while surfing . She is so sweet ! Don't be so hard on yourself . I everything about her .

CreativSpirit said...

I think that you've done a lovely face there Rena and a great first piece. Just keep on going and you will see that you improve with each painting as you move on.

Well done,


Jan and Shane said...

I really like this great job especialy for your first time keep up the great work