Friday, 31 October 2008

More play

I belong to a Milliande's creativity group and many topics and ideas are discussed, as well as various tutorials. One that I recently looked at and decided to try was the "scanner art". You just place an object on the scanner bed, add things behind it ( if you wish) and scan with the lid open. Add a frame and or border around the art, even play with different textures etc in the photo program.

For the first one I laid some fabric autumn leaves on the scanner then added crumpled tinfoil over the top, cropped it and added a frame and border. The second one is the same pic done as the hot wax coating on the Artistic Effects in Corel PSPX. The third one was Neon Glow in the Artistic Effects in PSPX.

The last picture is a deoderizer block that I scanned and then distorted in the effects menu on PSPX, then added a frame and border.

This was great fun, and I think these would make great ATC's.

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Brenda said...

These look fantastic!!