Sunday, 14 March 2010

Book Study continued

Carol is continuing in leading us in trying the techniques from Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus. This latest is Luminous dusting and Luminous Lifting. See Carol's blog for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

For the Luminious Dusting I followed the instructions by stamping an image with Perfect Medium on black cardstock then dusted it with perfect pearls, then sprayed lightly with water to set them. The top two are very open (colorbook) images and the second is a stamp that I never used which somone gave me, but I quite like it with this technique (done on navy cardstock).
Personally, I think this technique works much better with a bolder stamp, as you can see by the last two that I did.

The Luminous lifting is done by covering the cardstock with Perfect Medium, Versamark or clear pigment ink. You then dust the entire piece with Perfect Pearls, and then stamp directly on to with your stamp which has been inked with clear embossing ink, Versamark or Clear Perfect Medium. This lifts the Perfect Pearls and leaves the image you stamped.

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