Monday, 3 February 2014

Pennant Vintage white/cream

On AFTCM we are doing an ongoing swap covering 12 months where we produce a pennant with a vintage theme, using basically the same background but a different image etc each month. By the end of the year we will be able to put them all together to make a banner.

I had some fabric that was white so I filled a small bucket with boiling water and teabags and when it was dark enough, removed the teabags and put the fabric in overnight to stain it to a darker colour. 

I cut a pennant shape from a cereal box and covered it with the fabric, then added a piece of lace at the top and some vintage looking trim around the edges.

Printed off an image added some cardstock behind to make it more stable, cut it out and attached it to the pennant.  

Attached a snowflake embellishment with a pearl and two more pearls below. I felt that the bottom needed "something" and tried various things to dangle from it. I finally came across some little Christmas ornaments that I had in my stash and attached a silver one that looked like a finial. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after I added this.

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