Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fabric Book

As usual, I jumped in with both feet and joined a swap on AFTCM to create a fabric book with the theme of Poets and Poetry. I may well regret this as my sewing skills are not the best since I have not used my sewing machine for many years. As a result my book was put together with tape, glue and fusible webbing.

I chose several different poets and their poetry for each of the pages. I incorporated embellishments that related to the poems on each page. The first image is the cover and the back cover is just fabric and lace so I did not scan it. I sincerely hope that my partner will not be disappointed with the book.


Carol said...

Fabulous. You are so creative and resourceful. What a wonderful creation.

June said...

This fabric book is wonderful. Your partner is a lucky person.