Friday, 15 August 2008

Next Generation Art Lottery

I think I mentioned in a previous post that there is a Art Lottery in NGS. I was the lucky winner last month, so fairies have been landing in my mail box off and on!!

As the winner, I got to choose the theme for August and I chose women. I have created a piece for the lottery and will be sending it out when the next winner is chosen.

I started off by painting a piece of 130LB cardstock using the technique I learned in the Altered Diva workshop. I stamped some word in Ancient Page black. I edged the piece with Mica Magic purple using a Colorbox stylus and black tip.

I went through my stash of paper and found some black embossed cardstock. I rubbed some Colorbox Mica Yellow Gold ink over it, then added Purple Mica ink. I attached this using 3M 465 double-sided tape.

I then added the puzzle piece that I had made long ago, and finished the piece off by adding some photo corners.

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