Thursday, 14 August 2008

Fabric Paper

One of the latest swaps on CC Swaps run by Adrienne, is to make Fabric Paper and then create something for our partner from it. You can see examples of this technique on Adrienne's blog.

I decided to give it a try using Adriennes instructions as listed below:

Fabric/tyvek paper instructions:

You need:some fine cotton lawn type fabric, or open weave muslin, or tyvek, some printed tissue papers, gift wrap, or even waterproof stamped images on thin papers, cut into pieces, some PVA glue - (the cheaper the better) some plain white tissue paper, acrylic paints, dyes or other colourings mediums.

1. Paint the fabric with cheap PVA glue - diluted to single/pouring cream consistency, lay the tissue papers/giftwrap/images on top with spaces in between.

2. Apply another coat of diluted PVA glue over the top. Lay the plain tissue paper on top, press down all over to ensure good adhesion.

3. Carefully paint a thin layer of PVA over the top, and while this is still wet, use 2 or 3 colours of diluted acrylic paints, dyes or other things to colour the surface. Allow to dry - this can take an afternoon on the lawn, or overnight, or you can use a hairdryer at a push (don't bother trying with a heat gun, not much good for this).

These are the three fabric papers that I made. The red one is done with cheesecloth and the other two with Tyvek.

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