Monday, 5 April 2010

Spray starch technique

I had run across a blog where they used spray starch to make a background, but did not disclose how it was done since she used the technique from an issue of the Techniques Junkie newsletter.

Funnily enough right after that,  Deb Lovett who sent the technique to TJ belongs to one of my groups and shared the "how-to" with us. Just click on her name and it will take you to the tutorial.

i experimented with different mediums for this technique. I used walnut sprays, glimmer mists, Posh inks, and memory sprays as well as the pearlex. Some I just sprayed a second time with the spray starch and others I put the scrunched plastic wrap over while still wet. I used glossy cardstock for all of these, but apparently you can use matte cardstock, so I may have another try with that.


Carol said...

Luscious! I want to give this a try.

chrissy said...

These will all make wonderful backgrounds!!! Thanks for sharing.

Phyl said...

Thanks for showing. I must dig out all those jars that have two inches of dust on them.