Friday, 22 February 2008

Distressed Scraps

This is the latest Background Noise Challenge. You can find the instructions at

I started off by glueing the scraps on the paper and left them to dry. I then covered them with various mediums; top left Memory Mists, right Aquamarine Fluid Chalks, Bottom Right Distress ink Fire Red and Bottom Vivids Butterscotch.

Well now, I do not use glue much in my projects and made the mistake of using a "liquid" type glue, and did not realize that I had left bits of glue on the paper, which resulted in a resist where there were big glaring white spots. So, not being one to always follow the rules, I had to fix it. On one of them I just added extra paper, (this time with a glue stick) and covered it again with the colouring medium.

On the top left, I embossed the white areas with an embossing pen, and sprinkled Verdi Gris embossing powder and heated it. Bottom left, I did the same with copper embossing powder. The top right I sprinkled some embossing powder over and heat embossed.

Not the correct procedure per the instructions, but at least I can still use them.

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Trish Bee said...

GORGEOUS Backgrounds! I love all of your latest additions but these in particular spoke out to me and I had to leave you a comment. Thanks for playing along and most importantly thanks for sharing!