Saturday, 29 September 2007

Playing around

I have been out of town for over a week with no crafting supplies available, so was ready to play when I got back home. CC Swaps is hosting a bead swap, and although I have not signed up for it, I thought I would play around with some ideas. I tried some clay beads (top picture) and some paper ones (bottom Picture).

I added rub-ons and irridescent threads to the top paper bead. The left one was done with clear glass beads and copper embossing powder, and the right one with platinum UTEE and Purple glitter.

Another challenge page

I worked on the second challenge last night. We were to flip through a dictionary and use the page where it opened, then choose a word to create the page. Mine opened on the letter "I" and my choice was the word Imperial. This word made me think of the Imperial Empires of China, and thus my page evolved. I am not sure I really captured all the wonderful colours and other images that the word evoked in my mind. In hindsight, I would not have added the foiling, but could not cover it up without making the page too busy or disjointed, so decided to just leave well enough alone.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Altered pages challenge

I was in a creative mood today, so I worked on my textured challenge page and added the elements that I thought fit in with the colours. This is my first attempt at something like this and I am actually quite pleased with the finished results.

The picture is in the following post. 

Book page challenge

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Another challenge

Another challenge in progress. This one is to take a book and create different techniques on the various pages. I am an avid reader and the thought of doing anything with a hard cover book other than reading just struck fear in my heart!!

I went through some of my books and found one that I knew I would never read, so took the plunge and started working with it by first glueing some of the pages together to strengthen them. I then proceeded to follow the steps as set out for us. First step was to create texture, so out of my stash I got a piece of stuff, which I got from a friend a couple of years ago; not sure what it is called. Step 2: I glued it on the pages with Beedz glitter glue. Step 3: once it dried I added some acrylic paints.

Now to decide how to finish off the page by altering it with various things, but leaving the texture showing.

altered pages

Saturday, 8 September 2007

More Sketchbook pages

I have been having a very creative day and finished another two pages for the sketchbook prompts. They are Family Traits and Numbers. The numbers page is in relation to numbers which are significant in our lives so I chose numbers representing events in my life.

Circus Tip-in

I just finished my circus tip-in pages for a swap. The front and reverse pages are below. I decided that I would do the pages with a vintage type look, rather than lots of colour, only because of the images I had chosen for the swap.

Tip in pages - Circus

Tip in - Circus

Friday, 7 September 2007

Doodle artist trading cards

Another challenge was "thrown down" for one of my groups and we were asked to create some artist trading cards by doodling. We now have a swap sending out 10 cards and getting 9 back and they must be as identical as possible, when creating by hand. I have decided to send the doodle one with the abstract look as it was the easiest to recreate en masse.

Sketchbook "The Year I was Born"

 This is my "Year I was Born Page". I am the baby of the family as my Mother did not want any children while World War II was still in progress, being as we lived in Britain, so I came along the year after the war ended.

I could have written many things about that year, such as: I do not like eggs much as due to rationing there were only powdered ones available. My first taste of bananas was not enjoyable as fruit was at a premium. I decided instead to just pick a few key points about the year and add them to my page.

Used stamp pads to colour the backgrounds then added some stickers.


This is my sketchbook page for "What I Want to be When I grow Up". I have always enjoyed travelling and I would love to visit more countries. I have been fortunate to be able to explore Western Canada and a few provinces in the East. What a wonderful experience to see the diversity of the country!!

I have also been to a few countries in Europe and also the USA, but my husband and I want to take another trip, however we just can't decide on the location.

Sketchbook page 2

The background on this page was done with Lumiere paint scraping. I added images from Dover art and some scrapbook paper.