Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I have stencils ......

The latest technique we are doing in CCSwaps is using stencils. I had all kinds of ideas, but decided to use them in the traditional way.

I took a piece of cardstock and placed a large wall stencil over the top and applied Brilliance inks. I then stamped a word stamp with Brilliance Pearlescent Beige. The butterfly is a rub-on.

I took  a 12'x12" piece of cardstock and folded it to make a stationery holder. With another stencil I stenciled some pansies on small pieces of cardstock and again stamped the word stamp with the Brilllinace ink and added some punched circles for the centre of the flowers. I attached these to the bottom folds

I added some cording to close the folder and placed the large stenciled cardstock piece on the front cover. Unfortunately, I was not thinking and the cover piece started to rip from the pressure of the cord. Rather than starting all over again, I tried various thing to reinforce the area, and finally settled on cutting a little light weight key in half and gluing it on with the cording coming through it.

On the inside, I placed some stationery and some envelopes. Some of the envelopes are decorated, but I can't take credit for them as they were some I received many years ago in swap.

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