Thursday, 3 September 2009

Artist of the Month

For September the A.O.TM. is Claudine Helmuth. I have not signed up for the swap yet, but thought I would play with the technique.

I took a sheet of watercolour paper and painted it with watercolour paints. I glued the head and shoulders on then cut a skirt out of scrapbook paper and glued it on. Painted the top of her dress and then made some shapes with a pen. Cut some balloon shapes out of other scrapbook pieces and attached them then drew the strings. Found a dog image on the net and painted the body and attached him and cut out a hat for him

Drew a fence, houses and some trees in the background along with some clouds.

I am not sure I am entirely happy with this and think it is the flowers that are not "quite right". Will leave it for now and maybe do a different one, then decide if I want to do the swap.


Cathee said...


Cathee said...

glad it is mine!!! thanks!! C