Saturday, 31 May 2008

Art in Everyday Life

Trish Bee: evidence of pictures taken of "something that moves you or catches your eye, something which looks artistic, a natural beauty which hasn't been staged or posed in any way. No people or pets for this - try to think of every day objects or things in nature…it could be the leaves on the ground, flowers, clouds or even litter on the floor."
Just a quick candid shot of something which grabs your attention and stirs your muse in some way or another.

I am not sure if these pictures fit Trish's challenge, but if not I hope you enjoy viewing them anyway.

I was away on holidays and took some pics of my favourite places. No matter how many times I visit , I am always in awe of the beauty of nature and never tire of returning to them time and again.

The last three pictures were taken in my yard.

Lake Louise -Banff National Park, still covered with ice

Jasper National Park. Taken from the Sky Tram on the way up to the top of Whistler

Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park. I have been there many times and I am always in awe at the power of nature.

Another picture at the bottom of the falls showing a log jam.

If you look closely, you will see the tiny hummingbird beside the feeder. These tiny birds are so fast that they are really difficult to photograph. This was taken at the Enchanted Forest in British Columbia

This pic is a little piece of grass popping through the dry earth in the back yard where nothing ever grows

Tree in the back yard with the clouds peeping through.Tulips in the front garden


Carol said...

What a fabulous trip you had. Beautiful photos.

Peggy Louise said...

Hey Carol..I think next time you and I should travel with her...don't you think?
As for the grass popping up in the usually dead area..."nature always finds a way".